The 16th Arrondissement: The Posh Area Of West Paris

The 16th Arrondissement: The Posh Area Of West Paris

The 16th is one of the classiest arrondissements of Paris. It is located on the southwest corner of the city and mainly consists of residential neighborhoods like Trocadero, Auteuil, and Passy. All in all, if you want to see how well-off Parisians are, these wealthy areas are worth a visit.

5 Amazing Things Around the 16th Arrondissement

  1. The mesmerizing view of Eiffel Tower

The best place to view Eiffel Tower is right across the river from the 16th Arrondissement. When you see the Tower from the back of the plaza at Trocadero, it seems like it is drifting on the horizon. If you want to enjoy this fascinating view, the best time to go is early in the morning before the sunrise.

  1. Museums at Trocadero

The Trocadero is not only famous for being a viewing platform but is known for much more than that. In the two curved wings of the plaza, some interesting museums are constructed. Well, no wonder mostly the complex is referred to as “The Trocadero”, it is good to know that the buildings are actually named after the hill they are located atop – Palais de Chaillot.

Musée de la Marine, a national naval museum, is a perfect place for those who are curious to know historical stories about French seafaring. If you have hired a companion from Lovesita 16Edon’t worry she won’t be bored at all. The models and the collection of historic paintings are pretty fascinating to everyone.

  1. Aquarium de Paris

This is a pretty unique concept – A cinema combined with an aquarium. Located in the gardens of Trocadero, the aquarium is known for pleasing all age groups. The place is like a huge – 3500 Sq. Mts. all constructed underground, and is home for over 500 marine life species. Besides, there are fun activities like – fish petting, Projection Theater, the glass tunnel with tank all around you, etc.

  1. Musée du Vin

Now, who wouldn’t like a museum dedicated to wines, especially the one which is specifically created by Le Conseil des Echansons de France (an organization dedicated to preserve and promote French wines). The museum is accommodated under the former wine cellar of Passy Abbey.

The museum is full of historical items that are related to wine growing and production. Nevertheless, the best part is the wine tasting done at the end of the visit. Furthermore, to make the place more appealing, a restaurant, a gift shop and some meeting facilities are also included in Musée du Vin.

  1. La Grande Cascade

Now, no arrondissement can be accepted as a perfect one if it doesn’t include good restaurants, the same applies to the 16th Arrondissement too. One of the highly-rated dining places – La Grande Cascade is located in Bois de Boulogne. It is, in fact, one of those restaurants which are on the list of “Worth trying” in Paris. The décor is inspired by the 19th century, and the veranda is a perfect place to be in the summer months.

The 16th Arrondissement: The Posh Area Of West Paris

Well, so there you go. This was an extremely compact list of places you should visit in the 16th Arrondissement. There are much more worth the time and effort. Besides, all these locations will please you even more, if you have a sexy and attractive companion along. So, wait no more, explore the city of lights with one of the beautiful escorts of Lovesita.