Hottest Technologies In Artificial Intelligence To Watch In 2020

Hottest Technologies In Artificial Intelligence To Watch In 2020

Artificial Intelligence is the new age technology that is influencing almost every industry across most of the major sectors. It has become the latest buzzword in technology all around the world. The team AI was first coined in 1955 as a new discipline in the field of computer science. Over the years, AI has come across a long way from being depicted in the science fiction movies back in the late ‘90s to live reality in the present time.

Owing to its rising demand, the market for AI is expanding at large. Companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM & many other tech giants are investing heavily in this technology to research for further advancements.

Now, let’s discuss the top hot Artificial Intelligence technologies which you need to be aware of

Marketing Automation

Marketing and sales teams have integrated AI into their workforce and benefited a lot from it. Advanced AI-driven techniques like automated customer segmentation, customer data integration are being deployed at large by companies in their marketing campaigns. With these advanced techniques, companies are acquiring higher returns on their investments by significantly boosting their sales.

Image Recognition

The process of image recognition can be interpreted as the technique for identifying and detecting a feature in a video or an image. AI plays a crucial role in the process of Image Recognition. Search engines can now deliver accurate Image driven searches unlike before. Image Recognition is also very crucial in detecting license plates, diagnose diseases, and study personalities.

Emotion Recognition

This is another groundbreaking technology in AI. With this technology, machines can accurately process & understand emotions expressed by humans. This technology makes use of advanced image processing or audio data processing techniques to generate précised results. Law enforcers can be benefited a lot from this technology at the time of interrogation.

Apart from these, the other innovative technologies that are worth mentioning are Automated Content Creation, Cyber Defense, Text Analysis, Virtual Agents, Speech Recognition & more. Make your career recession-proof by mastering the skills in AI with the advanced AI Training In Hyderabad program by Analytics Path.